Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Blimey last year has gone and here we are in 2013!!!

I have just got around to recovering my camera so that I can show you all the photo's I took at our Christmas/Employee Awards lunch which was held at the Manor House Hotel on the 18th December.

This year we decided to make awards to various employees. The categories for the awards were:
Operator of the Year 2012 - Adam Brooks
Team Player of the Year - Darren Bailey
Management Award 2012 - Gavin Connor
Unsung Hero's 2012 - Brendon Antrobus and Claire Grocott (yes there are two of them!)

There was also a number of 'fun' awards' made under the headings 'Loudmouth of the Year' (Paul Bowker), 'Soap on a Rope' (Brendon Antrobus) and 'Office Chef' (Gavin Connor) 

As a sting in the tail there was also a surprise award made to our Managing Director, Graham Lackey, titled 'Boss of the Year 2012' 

And here are the photographs which I took on the day for all to see!!! Enjoy!   

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