Friday, 25 January 2013


I am pleased to post yet even more Awards 2012 winners. The 2 who are being presented with their award is being done by Driver Services Team Leader and Operator Extraodinaire....Paul Melia

Monday, 21 January 2013


Darren Bailey has now “officially” taken over responsibility for the running of the Car Division as Senior Operator.  So, not only did Darren win Operator of the Year 2012 he has now won promotion. Shows what hard work can do for you!!!
Well done Darren.


The 2013 CV show for Brit European will mark the unveiling of its ground breaking environmental initiatives applied to the distribution and delivery of heavy commercial vehicles, vans, construction/agricultural equipment and cars. 2013 will see the implementation of a fleet of dual fuel Mercedes Benz Actros tractor units and draw-bars will result in CO² savings in excess of 15% versus standard technology. Utilising both diesel and natural gas as fuel the first vehicles will be on the road from 1st March 2013.

Brit European Managing Director, Graham Lackey, outlined the government funding which has assisted in getting the initiatives and ideas to reality. “The Technology Strategy Board launched its low carbon commercial vehicle initiatives at an ideal time for us and we are pleased to have been awarded (as a consortium) over one million pounds to deliver our environmental efficiency project. As well as dual fuel vehicles with our consortium partners (CNG services and Microlise), we will be installing a new gas re-fueling facility and developing the on board telematics system to measure accurately dual fuel usage and CO² outputs”.

Other initiatives shown at the CV show will include a range of new trailer designs and enhancements to improve efficiency, reduce aerodynamic drag and reduce the risk of damage to loaded product. “Every new investment must improve our commercial and environmental efficiency”, commented Andy Brookes, Operations Director. “Two new trailer designs were introduced at the end of 2012 and results so far are very encouraging”, he continued, “and we have a new draw bar prototype on the road for final trials in March 2013. In addition, we are looking at other initiatives and technologies to make loading/unloading cycles more efficient and further reduce our environmental impact. We will be sharing all of these initiatives with our customers in Birmingham at the beginning of April”. Brit European will be on Stand 4G50 and also in the outside display area where equipment/loads and hospitality trailer will be positioned.

Friday, 18 January 2013


Here are the latest awards Winners who have received their trophies this week. More to follow!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Great News! Brit European will be exhibiting again at the Commercial Vehicle Show being held at the NEC, Birmingham.

As you probably know last year's show was a tremendous success and our stand was unofficially voted as the 'best in class' (got to admit it really was a fantastic stand!) and hopefully this year will be no different.

We are situated in Hall 4 and our stand number is G50. Invites are currently being compiled for our customer and supplier bases and we expect the three day's to be very, very busy. I am now finalizing the stand design and as soon as I finish this I will post some photo's for you all to see. We are also again having an outside display area where we shall be exhibiting some of our new fleet, trucks and trailers. Again, watch this space for photos!

The 2013 CV Show for Brit European will also mark the unveiling of its ground breaking environmental initiatives applied to the distribution and delivery of heavy commercial vehicles, vans, construction/agricultural equipment and cars. Other initiatives shown at the CV Show will include a range of new trailer design and enhancements to improve efficiency. reduce aerodynamic drag and reduce the risk of damage to loaded product.

All very watch this space!!!   


As part of the Technology Strategy Board Competition for reduced Carbon Technologies in commercial Vehicles, Brit European and its consortium partners (CNG Services and Microlise), have secured funding in excess of £1million from the government-backed Technology Strategy Board (TSB) as part of its Low Carbon Truck Demonstration Trial programme.

The project will involve the installation of a gas refuelling facility on the A50 corridor in Derbyshire and the operation of a fleet of Dual Fuel Mercedes Benz tractor units and drawbars focussed on supporting JCB operations in and around Uttoxeter. The consortium will also be developing the on board telematics software/hardware to monitor more accurately CO2 output and engine usage of dual fuels.

“We embarked on a search for an alternative to the diesel engine nearly two years ago with the full encouragement and support of JCB”, comments Graham Lackey, Brit European Managing Director. “As a business and a board we could see that diesel engine efficiency was probably only going to achieve marginal gains in the foreseeable future and that simply passing on fuel increases via fuel escalators to our customers was not the way forward. We could also see that we had to make a step change in our approach to reduce carbon emissions by a third, (in the next 5 years), to achieve our own corporate aspirations and those of our major and valued customers. Only dual fuel technology and the use of natural gas in conjunction with diesel fuel and the compression engine offered that opportunity. As it turns out, both the Department for Transport and the Technology Strategy Board share that same viewpoint.”

John Baldwin, Managing Director of CNG Services outlines the reasons why this is such an exciting project. “The Brit European project allows us to utilise further our current CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), re-fuelling facility at Crewe and to show the potential of CNG as a vehicle fuel to not only significantly reduce CO2 emissions but prove its commercial benefits also. It also showcases the ability to put in cost effective ‘mother-daughter’ refuelling facilities to develop dual fuel fleets around the country and finally it provides opportunities to utilise the developing sources of Bio gas to give even better CO2 reduction benefits for the future.”

“Having worked closely with Brit European on a previous project, when Graham invited us to join the project we were very excited,” said Chris Wallace, Microlise Sales Director. “Our plans will give the Microlise telematics system and software a unique ability in the market to monitor CO2 output and engine efficiency utilising more than one type of fuel.”

The Environmental Efficiency Project began officially on the 1st November 2012 and the first dual fuel vehicles will be on the road from 1st March 2013.

Monday, 14 January 2013

THE MANAGEMENT TEAM! (Well part of it!)

We never do things by half at Brit European and to prove it here is part of the Management Team doing an impromptu Christmas dance for the staff.

If you are not able to view the video can I suggest that you download Quicktime which should solve the problem. I have a put a link on here for Quicktime so just click on it and hey presto!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Tony Phillips, Head of Operations on our High & Heavy Division, has just informed me that we are the Top of the Pops as far as GEFCO are concerned.
We have recently received their stats  for 2012 and we, Brit European, are the best carrier they have by far!

Well done to all the boys and girls for making this possible. Keep up the good work.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Blimey last year has gone and here we are in 2013!!!

I have just got around to recovering my camera so that I can show you all the photo's I took at our Christmas/Employee Awards lunch which was held at the Manor House Hotel on the 18th December.

This year we decided to make awards to various employees. The categories for the awards were:
Operator of the Year 2012 - Adam Brooks
Team Player of the Year - Darren Bailey
Management Award 2012 - Gavin Connor
Unsung Hero's 2012 - Brendon Antrobus and Claire Grocott (yes there are two of them!)

There was also a number of 'fun' awards' made under the headings 'Loudmouth of the Year' (Paul Bowker), 'Soap on a Rope' (Brendon Antrobus) and 'Office Chef' (Gavin Connor) 

As a sting in the tail there was also a surprise award made to our Managing Director, Graham Lackey, titled 'Boss of the Year 2012' 

And here are the photographs which I took on the day for all to see!!! Enjoy!