Monday, 21 November 2011


Leading transporter operator Brit European has retained a major contract with Mercedes-Benz – and celebrated by investing in a pair of premium long-haul Actros tractor units.

Brit European enjoys a long association with Mercedes-Benz UK’s national vehicle logistics operation. Under the new, three-year deal it will form the British link of a supply chain for all heavy truck and Sprinter and Vario van models, that stretches from the manufacturer’s factories in Germany to its franchised dealers and bodybuilders across England, Scotland and Wales.

Richard Broomfield, Vehicle Logistics Manager for Mercedes-Benz UK, said: “Our system of moving trucks and vans across Europe is designed to minimise carbon emissions and widely recognised for its extremely high ‘green’ standard.

“The process sees new vehicles transported from our factories down the River Rhine on barges,” he explained. “They are then brought across the North Sea by shipping providers using the most modern, fuel-efficient vessels.

“The ships dock at either Purfleet or Killingholme, depending on whether their cargoes are headed for final destinations to the north or south of Birmingham. And by using fuel-efficient, Euro 5 Actros tractor units for the final leg of the journey, Brit European plays its part too, in minimising our impact on the environment.”

The latest arrivals are both 460hp Actros 2546 models and were supplied by Warrington dealer Enza. The new trucks are working on the Mercedes-Benz vehicle logistics contract but, because they are equipped to full ADR specification, are also used to haul road tanks for Brit European’s bulk chemicals division.


  1. when are these vehicles used on the Mercedes contract except for the photo shoot?

  2. Hello Anonymous....Thanks for your comment regarding the 2 MB Actros tractor units. In answer to your question these 2 units were actually acquired for the Tanker Division and will therfore not be used on the MB contract. I hope this answers your question.

    1. Hi Ed..thanks for your reply. Was the comment in the press release wrong or was it just to keep MB happy after winning the contract.

  3. Hi Anonymous

    Thanks again for your reply. Neither. The press release does state that the vehicles will and can be used on either the MB contract or utilesed for the Tanker Division because they are ADR specified. At this moment they are being used in the Tanker Divsion because they currently have more of a need for them. However, in the not too distant future they could very quickly be switched over to the High & Heavy Division. As for keeping MB happy I think that has already been achieved by us purchasing 2 new trucks.